Van Kleef offers you a broad choice jenevers. Evidently, all Van Kleef distillates are made using maltwine, pure grainalcohol and natural ingredients.

Because of this, the jenevers and corn wines of Van Kleef are so pure and of such high quality that it is advised to not drink them cold and most definitely not out of the freezer as it will affect your ability to taste the full exquisite flavour.


Jonge (Young) Jenever and Oude (Old) Jenever

The most well-known Dutch jenevers are Old Jenever and Young Jenever. The difference is not in age, as the words would suspect, but merely the production process. Around the early 1900’s a new, more simple jenever was distilled. Using less herbs and plants and a more neutral alcohol, this jenever had less taste compared to the traditional jenever. The popularity of this new jenever started after WW II, since it was also much cheaper. This modern jenever, we know today as “Young Jenever”.


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